Lens Gloss – Beta Demo

Lens Gloss is a stylish first person puzzle game where you use different reels of film in projectors to create portals to different areas.

In Lens Gloss you step into an eerie painterly version of the mind of an animator who is currently in a coma. You need to piece together important parts of his life to hopefully escape the coma, and to do this you’ll use special rolls of film.

In the game you find rolls of film that allow you to enter three different worlds when placed in projectors (the past, present and future). You need to use these to traverse the game world, solve puzzles and make sense of your messed up mind.

It’s an interesting game with a great art style and creative puzzle design. The film-based portal mechanic is particularly enjoyable and gives you a sense that you’re stepping into a movie when you use them. A film-based puzzler well worth pressing play on.

Download The Lens Gloss Beta Demo Here (Steam)