Lens – Prototype Download


Lens is a first person exploration/puzzle game that takes place on a mysterious island, where two parallel worlds are separated by a thin glass of reality.  While playing the game you are able to pierce through this glass and look into this other parallel world using an ancient artifact called ‘The Lens’.  Not only can you use it to see the other parallel world, but you can also manipulate objects in both worlds, pushing and pulling objects between the two worlds to help solve puzzles and learn more about this mysterious island.

Lens uses the parallel worlds idea to great effect, Bioshock Infinite did explore the concept of parallel worlds, but any real gameplay functions based on it were rudimentary at best.  Lens does a much better job, it’s a great adventure with well thought out puzzles that make excellent use of it’s parallel worlds-based game mechanic.

Visit the Official Website HERE

You can download the prototype HERE (Win & Mac)