Let Me Explain – Game Jam Build

Let Me Explain

Let Me Explain is a short, stylish and dark interactive story made for the Ludum Dare 34, in which you’ll have to make some pretty tough choices if you want to survive.

In Let Me Explain you play a boy stuck in a hard situation. Your sister, Lily, and yourself have had a tough life. You both don’t have money, don’t have enough food and most of your basic needs are not met. So you figure, as the brother, you must go out and provide for yourself and your sister. She is all you have, after all.

It is up to you how far you go for your sister, and you risk your life in hopes of stealing enough money to survive a bit longer. You get two choices in each situation, mainly whether you want to run or stay and face the situation head on. Your sister is waiting for you, she needs you. You must keep yourself safe, if only for her. You will grow as a person from the decisions that you make. In the end though, will it be enough?

Let Me Explain is short, but has many different endings, so it’s worth playing through a few times and experimenting with your choices.  There’s no real ‘happy’ ending, but maybe you’ll at least be able to survive.

Play Let Me Explain In Your Browser Here (May take a few moments to load)

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