Lethal Honor: Essence – Pre-Alpha Download

Lethal Honor: Essence is a dark Sci-Fi fantasy roguelite hack n’ slash adventure where you combat Eldritch abominations in a beautiful hand-painted 2.5D world.

In each run of Lethal Honor: Essence you awaken as a new test subject with randomly assigned abilities, in a research facility that’s swarmed by demons. You must plot your course through the facility (a little like the map section in FTL), encountering a mixture of random events, shops and fights along the way.

During the combat sections you take control of your character directly and use your attacks and abilities to defeat all the monsters in the room before moving on. After dispatching your enemies you can gather resources and weapons in the area that can be used to increase your effectiveness in battle, as well as intel that can help shed some light on what’s going on there. The combat is slow-paced and tactical, with a stamina bar affecting how much you can attack and required to use your abilities strategically rather than button mashing.

The current Lethal Honor: Essence Pre-Alpha build is still early in development, but it has a good amount of content and a lot of polish. The artwork is fantastic and the roguelite hack n’ slash gameplay is very addictive. The game world is particularly intriguing with its unique blend of Sci-Fi and Eldritch horrors, so it’ll be nice to delve deeper into its lore in future builds.

Download The Lethal Honor: Essence Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)