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Letter to a friend

Letter To A Friend is a freaky first person horror that draws inspiration from old silent movies and analogue recordings to create a short, surreal and very scary experience.

Created by Christoph Frey, in Letter To A Friend you are recounting the strange events that occurred late one night at a train station while you were waiting for the train. As the narrative progresses, a sinister looking stranger appears at the station. You’re not sure who, or what this strange dark being is (it could just be another person waiting for the train), but instinctively you’ll want to run away from it, thanks to the intense and sinister atmosphere that the game creates (even a cute little puppy would be terrifying in this game).

The unique visual and audio design of Letter To A Friend combine to create a very creepy experience. You’re left with a few questions – was the dark being really a monster? Was it your imagination just running away with you? Either way, waiting for a train has never been so scary!

Note: To make the story progress, you have to visit certain locations, the first is the clock outside the bathroom.

Check Out A Playthough of Letter To A Friend Here

Download The Full Game Here (Windows Only)

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