Letters – Prototype Download

Letters is a wonderful little puzzle platforming adventure in which you find the right words to rewrite the stories in the letters to your pen pal.

In Letters you take on the role of Sarah, a young girl who is reminiscing about her friendship with her long time pen pal by navigating through her old letters. Sarah loves to draw, so sometimes her path through the letters are blocked by drawings she’s made. You need to find the correct words on each letter to allow you to move or remove the drawings and allow you to progress.

Even in its current prototype form, Letters is an absolute delight to play. The cute artwork, uplifting soundtrack and writing are full of joy as you embark on your little written pen pal friendship adventure. Much like It’s Paper Guy!, there’s a wonderfully playful element to the game, with it encouraging you to play around and experiment with the words to see what they do, often discovering fun little easter eggs in the process. A cheery little word based puzzler that’s packed full of happiness and creativity. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Letters Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)