LetterWriter ’99 – Game Jam Build

LetterWriter ’99 is a very funny, surprising and occasionally creepy little narrative-driven game where you attempt to write a job application letter in the year 1999.

Many things were different in 1999 – Clinton had just been impeached, people were terrified of the Y2K bug and Windows 98 was the operating system most PC users had to struggle with. To be fair Windows 98 wasn’t that bad, but there was one thing that was a constant source of annoyance – Clippy the “helpful” talking paperclip, who would pop up and give you advice while you were using Microsoft Word. LetterWriter ’99 takes you back to that time, and tasks you with writing a letter to your prospective new boss, with Clippy “helping” you along the way!

It’s a great little game with some very witty writing and you get a nice touch of nostalgia when that classic desktop boots up. As you repeatedly fail to write your letter LetterWriter ’99 takes some very funny, weird and dark turns and Clippy is a constant source of amusement. Even once you think you’re finished, it’s worth trying again as Clippy has plenty of surprises up his sleeve. Highly recommended.

Play LetterWriter ’99 Here (Browser)