Levedad – Student Project Game

Levedad is a beautiful contemplative experience where you watch the world around you change as you sit atop your roof taking long exposure photographs.

You spend the entirety of Levedad on top of the roof of your apartment taking long exposure photographs of your surroundings. You can take pictures of anything you like, using different exposure times and different filters to get different results. You can view, name and upload your pictures to the Levedad photo archive, and with every third picture you take time passes and your surroundings change. The game starts after you’ve just moved into the apartment and as the years pass, you not only see your surroundings change, but you also learn a little about your character’s life and how they change over time too.

It’s a beautiful little game that explores how everything changes over time – whether it be movement over the few seconds it takes to take a photograph or how you and your surroundings change over the years you’ve lived in your home. The only thing that will be frozen in time are the pictures you take.

Check Out The Photos Uploaded By Players Here

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download Levedad Here (Windows & Mac)