Ley Lines – Student Project Download (Steam)


Ley Lines is an impressive third person puzzle platforming adventure in which you use your unique selection of cool mystical powers to restore Ley Lines and bring life back to a decaying world.

Created by students of the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, in Ley Lines you use a magical bow to interact with and transform the environment in a variety of interesting ways. As you pass through different gates in the world you attune yourself to one of five different powers which can be used with your bow – Gravity Well, Light Bridge, Leviathan, Time Slow and Warp. The effects of these powers range from allowing you slow down time to building bridge structures out of hard light, and each one is used in a variety of inventive ways during the course of the game.

Ley Lines can be completed in around an hour and offers up a very slick, stylish and cerebral gaming experience during its short playtime. The puzzle and world design are particular highlights – especially once you get past the tutorial areas and get to dig into the game properly. A well crafted mystical arrow firing puzzle adventure that really hits the mark.

Download Ley Lines Here (Steam)