Ley Lines – Student Project Game

Ley Lines is a well crafted puzzle platforming FPS that sees you running, jumping, wallrunning and using fire and ice bullets to help make your way through a mysterious futuristic pyramid.

There’s little in the way of narrative in Ley Lines, but it sees you attempting to activate a mysterious device located in the center of a futuristic pyramid. You start with a limited moveset and a gun that’s only any use for activating switches, but as you progress you unlock new abilities such as double jumping and wallrunning and you unlock fire and ice bullets – all of which can help you traverse the pyramid, discover secrets and battle the robots that guard the place.

Ley Lines takes around 20 minutes to play through and really impresses with its high level of polish, smooth character movement and creative level design that allows you to scale the game world in a variety of different ways. The fire and ice bullets are a nice touch too – allowing you to turn deadly spikes into frozen platforms or to blast your way through wooden walls to reveal hidden passages. By the end you’re still not entirely sure what the mysterious device in the pyramid does, but you’ll have a lot of fun activating it!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Ley Lines Here (Windows)