Liberated – Beta Demo

Liberated is a very stylish noir cyberpunk stealth action adventure that takes place in a near-future dystopia and is played out via pages of a series of comic books.

Currently in development by Atomic Wolf (creators of Mad Age & This Guy), Liberated brings the pages of its comic books alive as you take on the role of different characters and witness both sides of a story as a revolution breaks out in a dystopian city. The story plays out via the pages of a series of comic books, with beautifully animated story frames and frames where you take control of a character with side scrolling stealth action gameplay.

The Liberated Beta demo features around 20 minutes of gameplay and allows you to play as two different characters on opposite sides of the revolution. A lot of the narrative is deliberately edited out of the demo, but you do get a good feeling of the characters and the dystopian city they live in. The gameplay features a nice mixture of shooting, stealth and puzzle solving, with the shooting being particularly satisfying and brutal.

It’s a clever concept that feels like an evolution of the traditional comic book, drawing you in by making you part of the story. The visual design is fantastic and it’s great to see both sides of the story for a change, allowing you to identify with both sides of a tale that’s not just a case of good vs evil.

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Download Liberated Beta Demo Here (Only Available for the Next 2 Days)