Liblade – Alpha Demo

Liblade is an action packed 2.5D twin-stick action platforming adventure that sees you using your badass blade skills to slice your way through an army of robots.

In Libalde you control a nimble little character who you move with the left analogue stick and aim your attacks with the right analogue stick. You’re armed with a powerful energy sword (the titular Liblade) witch can do some serious damage to enemies and has an incredible reach, making you feel like a real badass as you slice your way through the army of robots.

The current build of Liblade features around 15 minutes of gameplay and really impresses with it’s fast, fluid and wonderfully kinetic combat. Due to how powerful your character is, the first few levels don’t really offer much in the way of challenge, but once you get to the final level the combat really shines as you dodge traps and take on trickier enemies that require you to switch up your tactics to take them out. A fast and fluid robot slicing hack n’ slash adventure well worth checking out.

Note: Control Pad Required

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Liblade Alpha Demo Here (Windows)