Libratopia – Pre-Alpha Demo


Libratopia is an inventive text based puzzle game that see’s you performing a string of searches in a library database, using the info from the current search results to figure out the book title, author or user name that you’re supposed to search for next.

It’s an interesting concept (if a little hard to describe), and during the short playthough of the prototype, it throws up some wonderfully clever and inventive puzzle designs that reward lateral thinking.  We’d highly recommend playing the Libratopia Demo through to completion, it won’t take long (10 mins) and the puzzles get more and more impressive as the game goes on.  There’s a hint system if you get stuck (the 3rd puzzle is a little tricky), and if you’re REALLY stuck you can check out our playthrough below.

The Pre-Alpha Demo is very much a proof of concept, with plans to include more of an actual database that the user can kind of drift around in freely and a narrative element in the final version.  We can’t wait to see more of Libratopia as it features some of the most unique and inventive puzzle design that we’ve played in recent times.

Watch our Playthrough HERE (Only watch it if you’re stuck on a puzzle)

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available