Lies of P – Beta Demo

Lies of P is a twisted machinepunk soulslike retelling of the classic story of Pinocchio set in a plagued city filled with mechanized puppets.

In Lies of P you will play through a very different retelling of Pinocchio’s story, set within a dark and twisted city, filled with horrifying mechanised puppets. You are Pinocchio – a very realistic looking mechanised puppet created by Geppetto. You’re awakened by a mysterious voice and set out on an adventure which will see you unearthing the secrets and lies buried within the city.

The demo features a huge chunk of gameplay (about 2 hours worth), complete with two big boss battles. At the moment it does feel a little Souls-by-the-numbers at times, but it does show a lot of promise too. The visuals are absolutely stunning, the world-building is great and the combat is challenging and fun. As far a soulslikes go, Lies of P looks like it’s going to be a very good one.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lies of P Beta Demo Here (Steam)