Life Dot Lock – Prototype Download

Life Dot Lock is a strange little narrative driven puzzle adventure where you mull over your feelings of contempt for a colleague of yours and hack your way through various security systems while out for a stroll.

In Life Dot Lock you take on the role of a talented tech guru called Guus who is supposed to be meeting with a client and his long time colleague, Thomas. Guus really isn’t in the mood for sweet-talking clients though and decides to break into a mysterious old warehouse instead. Along the way Guus uses his hacking skills to bypass increasingly challenging security systems and we learn more about the relationship between Guus and Thomas.

Considering it’s a prototype, the pixel art animation in Life Dot Lock is superb and the narrative is very intriguing. The hacking mechanics allow for plenty of complexity, but they’re not explained particularly well so things can get very confusing very quickly and you just resort to brute forcing a solution by trying random combinations of commands. It’s a shame as there is a great hacking puzzler in there somewhere and the final puzzle shows a lot of promise, but it needs to be a little more accessible for us hacking noobs.

Download The Life Dot Lock Prototype Here (Windows)