Life: The Game of Chance – Game Jam Build

Life: The Game of Chance is a thought provoking little life simulation game that sees you trying to succeed at life by making important choices – when the most important factor of your success if decided before you’re even born.

In Life: The Game of Chance you are given a randomly selected character and must make important decisions as they go through life. These decisions are meaningful and can lead to very different outcomes, but the biggest factors in how successful your life is are things you can’t change – where you were born, your race and your gender.

It’s a clever piece of social commentary, and although it can paint a slightly too pessimistic view of the world (with you doomed to fail no matter what decisions you make), it gives the player a lot to think about. It’s a powerful little game that highlights the inequality in the world and leaves you with an important message. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s the world that’s broken, but maybe together we can fix it.

Play Life: The Game of Chance Here (Browser)