Liff – Student Project Game

Liff is a beautiful puzzle platforming adventure in which you use your paintbrush to sculpt the impressionist painting-styled world around you.

In Liff you take control of the God of Life who is attempting to heal the world from all the strange dark matter that’s invading it. You’re quite slow moving and can’t jump, but you do have some very cool tricks up your sleeve – you’re able to sculpt and erase the world around you. You can’t erase everything, but most man-made objects and stones can be removed and you can draw/sculpt absolutely everywhere – with the structure that you sculpt being made out of whatever material your cursor is on when you start sculpting.

Being able to sculpt and erase the world around you has lots of interesting uses – such as adding leaves to trees, creating platforms for you to walk on or erasing any objects that stand in your way. To clear the land of darkness you’ll have to reach all the dark orbs that are scattered around the land – many of which will require different tactics to remove them.

It’s a remarkable game with a beautiful game world that’s bursting with life and a wonderfully creative way of interacting with it. The freedom Liff game gives you to sculpt and erase the game world is remarkable. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Liff Here (Windows)