Lifts for the Brainless – Game Jam Build


Lifts for the Brainless, a hectic arcade game made for the Elevator Jam, has you trying to get brainless workers to the floors they need without them falling to their bloody death through open elevator shafts!

You are operating the worst elevators on Earth. These unsafe elevators go between three floors, but have no doors to close. Instead, it leave an open elevator shaft that people can fall straight through, killing them instantly in a bloody splatter. You control two elevators, one on the left side of the screen and one on the right. These elevators need to be on the correct floor as a person walks towards it. That person will then enter it and need to be brought to the correct floor.

If you are not in place as someone walks by the elevator, they will fall to their death (they’re not the brightest of employees). If too many people die, the building will be condemned, and the game will be over. You will have to work hard as many, many clueless people will start walking towards the elevators hoping to get to their floors. You can only hold four people at a time, so make sure you take them to their floors often so the elevator isn’t too full.  It’s a simple and addictive little game that requires some quick thinking and multitasking as you attempt to maim as few people as possible.  Sure, killing the employees is quite fun, but you don’t want to get condemned!

Play Lifts for the Brainless Here (Browser, Win & Linux)