Light Fall – Pre-Alpha Demo

light fall game

Light Fall is a beautiful 2D platforming adventure, in which you venture off in the world of Numbra playing as a mysterious child with an unknown past that links him to the disappearance of people in the lands you visit.

Inspired by platformers such as Limbo and Super Meat Boy, and adventure games like Bastion, the artwork and narration are superb, while the platforming is fast paced and inventive.  Your character utilises an ancient artefact known as a ‘shadow core’, which allows you to summon platforms, avoid hazards, solve puzzles and do various other cool things.

Already over half way to it’s Kickstarter goal, Light Fall is an impressive game with a great visual style.  A slick, fun and super stylish action platformer.

Download The Pre-Alpha Demo and Check Out the Kickstarter HERE (Win & Mac)