Light – Prototype Download


Light is a top-down minimalist stealth infiltration game with a focus (aside from stealth gameplay) on narrative to keep the action going.  You are part of a scientific study and a procedure left your with short term memory loss. Further investigation reveals that there is something called ‘Project Light’ and that all is not well.  You must search for the answers that will help you piece together the fragmented memories of your past.

In Light, you infiltrate buildings, sneak your way through the guards and cameras, hack to open secured rooms and search for intel to help you figure out what is going on in ‘Project Light’.  As in Metal Gear Solid, you’re best off dragging bodies away from plain sight once you’ve stunned or killed the guards as you don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.

The minimalistic visual style of Light is wonderful, feeling a little like you’re exploring the futuristic blueprints of a building with furnishings only appearing once they’re in your field of view.  In development by Just a Pixel and published by Team 17, it’s a great stealth game with an interesting story and a clean, crisp visual style.  Metal Square Solid.

Download the Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)