Lights Camera Slaughter – Alpha Demo

Lights Camera Slaughter is a tense Puppet Combo-esque PS1 styled found footage slasher horror game set near an abandoned slaughterhouse with a terrible past.

The full game of Lights Camera Slaughter will follow the story of a young intern who’s working on a low budget 90’s slasher film set at a summer camp in Masten Lake. However, there’s a slaughterhouse nearby that has a dark past and the current demo build serves as a prologue that helps flesh out the lore.

The Lights Camera Slaughter demo takes place before the events of the full game and follows a police officer who is called out to investigate a disturbance at the slaughterhouse. As you explore the slaughterhouse you need to solve minor muzzles and navigate its claustrophobic environment. And there’s also the small factor of a butcher-knife wielding psycho who is hidden somewhere inside…

The ending could do with a little more work, but aside from that Lights Camera Slaughter is off to a very promising start. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere, the grainy retro visuals work well and the lore is very intriguing. A VHS slasher well worth tuning in to.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lights Camera Slaughter Alpha Demo (Steam)