Like The Wind – Game Jam Build Download

Like The Wind is a short and stylish button-mashing runner that sees you attempting to help as many survivors as possible escape from a psychedelic, tentacle-filled monstrosity.

Like The Wind starts off like a normal 2D runner, but has you tapping the keys displayed over your characters head to run and holding them down to jump. You have to make it to the chopper and escape the weird tentacle-filled monstrosity that’s chasing you, but as you run you’ll come across other survivors who need to escape too – you then control these characters too by tapping the letters that are displayed over their heads.

It only takes three and a half minutes to complete Like The Wind, but as you amass more and more survivors things can get very chaotic – not least due to the trippy visuals and the carnage caused by the monster that’s chasing you. A strange, psychedelic little oddity that’ll really test your button-mashing skills.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Like The Wind Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)