Like Them – Game Jam Build

Like Them is a very fast paced slide-til-you-stop puzzle game where a little happy ghost speeds through levels full of traps, enemies and collectibles.

Created for the Community Jam, in Like Them you control a little ghost that will dash in any direction you press until it hits an obstacle. In each level you need to collect a key and race to the door, but you also have to be wary not to impale yourself on spikes, run into laser beams or touch an enemy. There are also lots of collectible pellets and three special crystals to find (some in secret areas) in each level if you’re really up for a challenge.

It’s a very tough, but addictive little puzzle game with clever level design, charming pixel art visuals and very fast paced gameplay. Avoiding the spikes that activate when you land on them is especially challenging and really makes you speed up when you land on them. See if you’ve got the skills to beat this well crafted slide-til-you-stop puzzler!

Play Like Them Here (Browser)