Lil’ Conquest – Open Beta


Lil’ Conquest is a charming looking massively multiplayer war, strategy and business simulation game in which players build up their village to create an empire and conquer the world.

In Lil’ Conquest players manage their villages, hiring workers, researching technology, upgrading buildings and setting up production lines to ensure the optimum revenue. This revenue can be used to recruit the world’s bravest heroes which can then be used in combat against other players as you continue your quest for world domination

The business strategy and visual design of Lil’ Conquest is fondly reminiscent of classic Kairosoft titles (Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story), with charming pixel art visuals and easily accessible gameplay. It is a free to play game, so expect some premium currency barriers, but everyone who joins in the Open Beta will receive a 500 Red Diamond daily bonus for signing in, and a free gift pack of in game items and currency worth $100 when the game releases.

Join in the Lil’ Conquest Open Beta Here