Lilly – Student Game

Lilly is a tense first person horror adventure that sees you solving puzzles and unravelling an occult mystery in an creepy abandoned apartment.

In Lilly you find yourself searching for clues in a mysterious run down apartment where some bad things have gone down. As you explore you’ll discover more about the apartment’s previous inhabitants and unravel a dark mystery that revolves around two young girls dabbling in the occult.

Taking around 30 minutes to play through, Lilly really impresses with its cinematic visuals, tense atmosphere and clever puzzle design. There’s a high attention to detail in the environmental design and a lot of work has clearly gone into making your character’s actions feel as fluid and realistic as possible. It focuses on atmosphere and narrative over cheap jump scares, but still manages to horrify now and again as you watch some disturbing scenes from the past play out (in some interesting different ways). A creepy and cerebral occult horror adventure well worth delving into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Lilly Here (Windows)