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Lily: Colors of Santa Luz is a beautiful narrative-focused adventure created by students at ISART Digital, in which you use stealth and make snap decisions as a father and daughter attempt to escape a dark militia that has invaded the island of Santa Luz.

Told through the eyes of a little girl via memories in her scrapbook, she and her father are attempting to escape from the impending war, caused by a powerful militia invading your homeland. You control the father throughout the majority of the game, and must attempt to sneak past guards, run from trouble and make narrative altering decisions.

Other than the occasional issue with camera angles, the audio, visual and game design are fantastic throughout Lily: Colors of Santa Luz.  The character designs of the enemy soldiers are particularly menacing, so much so that you can’t help but want to carry your daughter everywhere, offering her some sort of comfort and protection from the cruelty of the enemy forces.

It’ll take around 20 minutes to playthrough Lily: Colors of Santa Luz, and we highly recommend giving it a go. Its poignant story combined with fantastic audio/visual design and incredibly tense stealth gameplay make for an unforgettable experience. In fact it’s such a tense game that you’ll find yourself holding your own breath during some stealth sequences. Emotional, beautiful and occasionally terrifying, we highly recommend giving Lily: Colors of Santa Luz a go.

Important Note: If the download doesn’t work, check your pop-up notifications (top right hand corner of the screen in Chrome)

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download Lily: Colors of Santa Luz Here (Windows)

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  1. Definitely french, you can tell by the artsy fartsy stuff they put in.
    Use a controller, they didn’t make keyboard input a working thing.
    Still a nice student project; actually one of the best I’ve played. Others are just cringe worthy for some reason.

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