Limber – Game Jam Build Download


Limber, a fast paced hole in the wall game made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you trying to dance your way through walls to pay the bills!

You have to go through some training before you can be a hole in the wall expert. You will learn from masters of your trait which keys make you do each move. Limber has some quite interesting controls, using the Q/A/Z keys for one side of your body, S for a single move involving all of your limbs, and the E/D/C keys for the other side of your body. Any combination of these keys do a different move that will need to be known before you face the real hole in the wall challenge.

Once you have completed training, the real game begins. Walls will move faster and faster towards you, and you must remember which key or keys to press to fit through. Some of the moves are quite weird looking in the wall, but with a bit of practice, you can figure it out! If you do not make it through the hole, you will lose a life. Once you lose all three, you will die and have to rely on one of your trainers to look after your beloved dog.

Don’t let your friends or (most importantly) your dog down!  Bend your body, survive the holes in the walls and pay those bills, in this addictive and infectious rhythm action wall dodge-em-up!

Download Limber Here (Windows & Mac)