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LimbLuster is a very silly and sometimes frustratingly hard QWOP-like action platformer in which the protagonist has had his legs ripped off and must use your hands to drag your bloody stumps to the exit!

Sure, you still have the use of your hands, but it turns out platforming with no legs is very hard indeed. Playable with a control pad only, each analogue stick is mapped to a separate hand, which you can use to clamber along surfaces and shoot at enemies. It can take a LOT of getting used to the deliberately non-user friendly control scheme, but once you get the hang of it, you can actually make some progress.

The fun and the frustration of LimbLuster is all in it’s ridiculous control scheme, and it can give you quite a sense of achievement once you master it (although you’ll rarely look any more graceful than a drunk one-legged elephant!).

Note: You’ll need a controller to play LimbLuster

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download LimbLuster Here (Windows)

6 thoughts on “LimbLuster – Game Jam Build Download”

  1. Alright so the game looks pretty good so far, problem is, I tried for about 5 minutes to try to move the character with no luck. Is there any way you can post a short tutorial, or include some sort of instructions to move the character? Thanks a lot, look forward to testing the game further!

    • Hi! It’s only playable with a controller and quite hard to get to grips with. You use the bumper buttons to swap between your weapons and your hands. You’ll nee to have your hands selected then use the trigger buttons to grab onto surfaces and use the analogue sticks to move. Hope this helps. :)

  2. Hey KJ, I got everything working, finally figured it out!! It seems to be working beautifully! How long until another update do you think?

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