Limbocore – Prototype Download

Limbocore is a wonderfully surreal and atmospheric little isometric pixel art adventure where you explore and escape from a surreal black and white Limbo.

In Limbocore you control a little bug-like character called Bug, who finds themselves dropped into a strange black and white Limbo world. You can explore, talk to the oddball characters that inhabit the world and once you want to try and leave, you can try to beat an angel at cards.

There’s an interesting mix of game styles in Limbocore. The initial exploration phase is quite light on gameplay but helps to build atmosphere and gives you more insight into the world. It’s a strange place that seems full of mysteries to unearth. The gameplay then changes when you meet the angel and attempt to beat her at cards, with a large variety of unique minigames to complete and each one attached to the cards that you play.

It’s a bizarre but extremely captivating experience exploring the black and white world of Limbocore. The audio and minimalist visuals help build a real sense of atmosphere and it’s great fun exploring, chatting to inhabitants and playing the various card-based minigames. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Limbocore Gameplay Video Here

Download The Limbocore Prototype Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)