limbostore.heaven – Game Jam Build

limbostore.heaven is a beautifully drawn little puzzle adventure where you have to find different ways to kill yourself as you attempt to escape the Limbo you’re trapped in.

In limbostore.heaven you find yourself trapped inside an eternal looping Limbo filled with different ways to die – from electrocution and burning to laughing to death or being cuddled to death by puppies. Each time you die you end right back in your bedroom, but you earn life points that you can use to purchase useful items at the limbostore.heaven store website on your computer. These items will help you travel further, find more ways to die and hopefully allow you to find some way to escape your Limbo.

The puzzles are fairly easy in limbostore.heaven, but it’s fun trying to figure out the many different ways to die nonetheless and the hand drawn artwork adds a lot of warmth to a game that’s essentially about killing yourself. Most of your deaths are quite enjoyable too – there are far worse ways to go than being licked to death by a pack of puppies!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play limbostore.heaven Here (Windows & Browser)