Lingering – Beta Demo

Lingering is a slick Anime visual novel adventure with QTEs, puzzle elements, hetero and homosexual dating elements, and a mature narrative set in a world where emotions can manifest into monsters.

In Lingering you get to experience the story through multiple characters point of view as you take on the role of different agents in The Heart Breachers – an organisation dedicated to keeping mankind safe from their emotions. In this world emotions can manifest into real physical monsters. The monsters created by positive emotions are generally harmless, but the ones created by negative emotions (called Lingerings) are dangerous and need to be dealt with before they cause too much havoc.

The current demo build of Lingering allows you to see the narrative from three different characters views – a pair of newly partnered up agents Lock and Keyes (cool pun) and Goldie, The Heart Breachers’ top agent. In each narrative the writing is well done and moves along at a nice pace. It’s mainly a visual novel, but there are a few QTEs and puzzle elements now and again, and the fusion of pixel art and hand drawn artwork is very cool.

Lingering really impresses with its high quality artwork, interesting characters and mature narrative. It also feels a lot more interactive than most visual novels, which does a lot to draw you in to the game world. A well crafted Anime visual novel adventure where emotions can be deadly.

Note: There are bonus unlockable sex scenes in the demo (gay and straight), but it’s still pretty SFW, there are no naughty bits on show!

Download The Lingering Beta Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)