Lips Like Velum – Alpha Demo

Lips Like Velum is a creepy and stylish retro point and click horror adventure where you speak to strange spirits as you attempt to escape from your captor.

You start Lips Like Velum With an ominous message from your deceased sister, warning you that you have to escape from your father and seek “Bob”, unless you want to suffer the same fate as her. Escaping your father may not be so easy, as you’re locked in your room, but there are some clues and some odd spirits that may be able to give you guidance.

The actual interface of Lips Like Velum feels very clunky and obtuse, but once you get to grips with it then the game starts to come into its own. The retro 1-Bit/CGA stye visuals are excellent and the world has a Pan’s Labyrinth-esque vibe to it that really draws you in. The current demo build is over a year old now, so it may not ever see a full release, but as it stands it’s still a great little glimpse into a fascinating dark fantasy world.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lips Like Velum Alpha Demo Here (Windows)