Little Bug – Alpha Demo

Little Bug

Little Bug is a beautiful dual control 2.5D puzzle platformer in which you control a lost little girl and a firefly with telekinetic abilities which can propel the girl through the air.

Starting off at a crashed car, you help the little girl as she goes in search of her mother. You control the girl with the left analogue stick (or WASD), and control the firefly with the right analogue stick (or the mouse). The girl can’t really jump, but the firefly can propel her through the air by using it’s elastic telekinetic grabbing ability which can be used to jump over obstacles, swing across gaps and smash through barriers.

It’s great fun using the dual control scheme to make your way through the world, with the girl and the firefly working in harmony, avoiding hazards and collecting a few treasures to put in her jar. As you explore the beautiful landscape, there’s a similar other-worldly tone as Limbo, but with a bit more color and some fantastic creature animation. The Beta Demo offers us a sizable chunk of gameplay and once you’ve finished it you’ll be crying out for more of this charming adventure. With it’s fun gameplay and breath-taking visuals, it’s little Bug with a very big heart.

Download Little Bug Here (Windows & Mac)