Little Lands – Game Jam Build Download

Little Lands Game

Little Lands is a charming tile-based isometric town building game in which you attempt to build a civilisation on a tiny bit of land floating in space.

Little Lands offers a fun and easily accessible take on the city building genre by presenting you with a micro-world that doesn’t need much micro-management. There are four resources – food, wood, stone and workers, with food being the most important as without it your population’s happiness will plummet. Initially you’ll have to harvest your resources by actively clicking on the trees, farmlands and buildings, but you can purchase a storehouse (which we highly recommend) that will automatically do that for you, leaving you to do the important stuff.

You have a nice selection of buildings that you can use to harvest resources or fend off pirate ships, with your end goal being to stock up enough supplies in your harbour (done by clicking on the harbour) to build a big space boat and search for new land. You only start with a tiny bit of land, but as time goes on more is added randomly which you can use for building and harvesting purposes – though pirates will randomly attack you and destroy the land if you don’t defend it with archer towers.

Little Lands can be beaten on normal difficulty in around 20 minutes once you get the hang of the harvesting and resource management, though it offers a nice bit of replayability with randomly generated landscapes and the ability to customize the game parameters before you start. The current build was created for Ludum Dare 38, but the dev is planning to continue work on it, which is great news as its charming tile-based isometric visuals and addictive, easily accessible town management gameplay show a lot of promise. Little lands that offer big fun.

Download Little Lands Here (Windows)