Little Misfortune – Beta Demo

Little Misfortune is a beautifully animated narrative-driven dark fairy tale adventure from the creators of Fran Bow, which follows an adorable 8 year old girl who is going to die.

In Little Misfortune you follow the story of a young girl called Misfortune who has an incredibly optimistic and cheerful outlook on life. She loves glitter, playing in her hiding spot and drawing, and she’s especially fond of a fox she’s spotted out of her window. However, as the narrator points out at the start of the game, she’s going to die today. To make things even more intriguing she can hear the narrator (she calls him Mr. Voice) and he (with a little help from you) guides her on an adventure which may well be her last.

The charming looking world and excellent hand drawn animation of Little Misfortune makes it look like a kids cartoon at first glance, but (as you can expect from the creators of Fran Bow) if you scratch beneath the surface there’s a whole lot of darkness. Misfortune’s home life is far from perfect, in fact there’s a good chance it’s her imagination that’s the only reason she’s managed to remain so upbeat and optimistic.

It’s this optimism and imagination that makes Misfortune so endearing and is perhaps why the narrator avoids telling her she’s going to die today, instead opting to send her in search of the prize of Eternal Happiness (which she would like to give to her mother). Along the way you’ll be able to make important decisions that can have a dramatic effect on the story. The narrator is keen to point out that there are no right or wrong choices, just consequences.

The current build of Little Misfortune takes around 20 minutes to play through and that’s more than enough time to fall in love with the adorable Misfortune and her bright-eyed and unflinchingly optimistic outlook on life. It’s a beautiful piece of storytelling – the animation and voicework really bring her and the world she lives in to life and makes you feel for this doomed little girl. If any of your choices could possibly keep her alive you know you’d take it. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Little Misfortune Beta Demo Here (Steam)