Little Nightmares 2 – Beta Demo

The charming and creepy world of Little Nightmares returns with Little Nightmares 2 – a tense and beautifully crafted horror adventure.

In Little Nightmares 2 you’ll take on the role of Mono, a young boy who lives in a freaky world that’s been distorted by an evil transmission. You set out to find the source of the transmission, along with a new friend you meet along the way (Six from the previous game) and together you’ll solve puzzles, avoid lots of horrible deaths and unravel the dark secrets of the signal tower.

The demo build of Little Nightmares 2 takes around 20 minutes to play through and is a very finely crafted horror adventure that builds on the original in every way. The character animation is stunning, the puzzles are cleverly implemented, it’s got an incredibly tense atmosphere and there are some excellent set pieces that really ramp up the terror.

It was pretty obvious that the sequel to Little Nightmares would be a good game, but everything about the demo indicates that it’s going to be a truly great one.It’s a beautiful nightmare that’s packed full of heart and personality (and horrible ways to die). Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Little Nightmares 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)