Little Pink Submarine – Beta Download

Little Pink Submarine is an addictive arcade action game where you control a cute little pink submarine as you dive down into the sea, avoid hazards, collect treasure and resurface before your air runs out.

In each level of Little Pink Submarine your aim is to dive down and collect as much treasure as possible and bring it back to the surface before your air supply runs out. It’s possible to collect all the treasure and get back to the surface, but you need to figure out a good route and avoid the various hazards (such as sharks and mines) because any damage you take causes you to lose air. You have a gun that you can use to shoot hazards and obstructions and at the end of each level you’re given a rating and a chunk of cash that you can use on upgrades.

It’s a simple, but addictive little game with a very pleasant color palette, fast paced gameplay and charming pixel art visuals. There’s a great risk/reward factor as you speed around in the depths collecting loot as fast as possible while trying not to smash into any hazards. See what treasure you can plunder in Little Pink Submarine’s deadly deep seas!

Download The Little Pink Submarine Beta Here (Windows)