Little Warlock

Little Warlock is an online trading card game with a wonderful, hand-drawn art style, and real time battles where  attacking and defending occurs simultaneously.   Battles take place across grid shaped battlefields, with minions marching across the battlefield to engage the enemy.

The game is easily accessible, but features deep gameplay mechanics, with hundreds of different cards to collect, create, upgrade and trade, which can summon creatures, construct buildings or cast unique spells.  You can play PvP against friends or PvE in adventure mode, which features various foes and boss battles.

With it’s fast paced real time battles, and hand drawn art style, the game is reminiscent of Plants Vs Zombies, but with much deeper gameplay, online capabilities and trading card mechanics.

There’s currently a Design A Card competition ongoing on the official Facebook Page, the winner will get their card into the game.

You can visit the official website HERE

WE ALSO HAVE 100 BETA KEYS TO GIVE AWAY!  We’ll be giving 50 away through twitter @gameralphabeta and another 50 out through our Tumblr page.

Once you have your Beta Keys, you can use them HERE to access the game.