Little Witch Nobeta – Alpha Demo

Little Witch Nobeta is a charming little Anime styled third person action adventure where a cute little witch and a stray cat explore some ancient ruins.

In Little Witch Nobeta you take control of a cute little witch called Nobeta, who has to prove her she is worth of being a forest guardian by making her way through an ancient monster-filled temple. You have access to some basic melee attacks and you can also use magic based projectile attacks. You’ll also be able to unlock different magic elements that give you access to four different elemental powers (but is you play in easy mode then they’re all unlocked at the start).

It’s still early in development and has a few rough edges (such as translation issues and some bland decor), but it’s a fun game with challenging gameplay, charming visuals and a fun magic-based combat. A quirky little witchy action adventure that’ll put a spell on you.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Little Witch Nobeta Alpha Demo Here (Windows)