Living Nightmares – Alpha Demo

Living Nightmares is an intense blend of surreal horror, jump scares and FPS combat that sees you attempting to escape from a cult that’s helmed by a freaky two-faced doll.

In Living Nightmares you take on the role of John Doe, an amnesiac man who awakens in a strange mansion filled with cult members in black cloaks and a particularly terrifying doll with two faces. John then has one week to collect seven coins from within seven different nightmares to escape as a free man.

Drawing inspiration from Tales from the Crypt and The Twilight Zone, Living Nightmares plays out through a series of interconnected dreams and nightmares that feature different visual styles and gameplay mechanics. This is illustrated perfectly in the demo build, with you initially making your way through a jump scare filled black and white horror and ending up in a monster blasting horde mode shooter. Even though the visual style and gameplay varies wildly in each nightmare it still manages to feel like a cohesive gaming experience and some things are prevalent throughout – such as that horrific doll!

It’s a very freaky game, with excellent audio/visual design, terrifying jump scares and plenty of variety which helps stop the game becoming stale and predictable. It’s a novel experience that feels you’re experiencing an entire horror themed funpark rather than just sitting on a ghost train. Highly recommended.

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Download The Living Nightmares Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

1 thought on “Living Nightmares – Alpha Demo”

  1. I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS GAME! I think the style of it is so cool and I really like that it has to do with sins and hell and being punished, I think its an absolute great idea to have a little to no failure policy and i’ll be curious to see how that plays going forward into the game, something I wasn’t fond of was the nightmare mode that I was thrown into after going into the portal, it was really REALLY tedious to kill 150 of those things and I almost died a few times trying to do it and man I would have been pissed if I had to start over, so I hope if there are challenges between each stage or level that it wouldn’t be the same “kill 150” each time because I would use one of those holy bullets and meet my maker myself. But that was my only complaint, I love what you have going for the lust theme, I feel like the things coming to attack you should have had more of a lust feeling to them, maybe more provocative and less old school vampire, I would really like them to stick with the mannequin theme, maybe have them with sex toys on or actual parts and pieces, ball gags, like make it interesting, if we are in a lust area which it is implied I would love to see the creatures more based around sex. If we are going in the theme of the seven deadly sins I am so excited to see what other things you are going to pull out of your sleeve because I will be on this game in a heartbeat!! And if you need help at all I would love to lol, but is there any way to follow your game for future updates and things? :) -Alexia

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