Llorona – Game Jam Build Download

Llorona is a very tense and atmospheric PS1 styled horror game inspired by Mexican folklore, which sees you moving into a mansion that’s haunted by a weeping woman who can never find peace.

Congratulations! You’ve won a mansion in a card game! However, before you start unpacking your bags, you may want to deal with its current inhabitant – the ghost of a weeping woman called Llorona.

The story of Llorona is based on Mexican folk tale about a woman whose husband didn’t love her, but loved his children. One day Lorona caught him with another woman and the grief made her drown her children in a nearby river, then drown herself. She is now cursed to walk the Earth in search of her children. You’ll need to search the mansion and find three objects that you can then use to help Llorona rest in peace.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Llorona contains a nice blend of puzzles, exploration and well executed jump scares. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere and it tells an interesting tale via the letters scattered throughout the house. See if you can help Llorona find a little peace in this creepy little adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Llorona Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)