Lo-Fi Room – Alpha Download

Lo-Fi Room features a delightful fusion of hidden object puzzling and rhythm action as you search for musical instruments and play them to create cool lo-fi hip-hop beats.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018 when it was a game jam prototype, Lo-Fi Room is a cozy and chilled out hidden object rhythm action game set in a musical instrument-filled room. In each beautifully drawn level of the game you try to find all the hidden musical instruments and each time you find one it triggers a short Guitar Hero style rhythm action section. Each instrument has its own little repeating musical loop and when you complete one then it gets added to the song playing in the background – so the song builds as you find and play each instrument.

The current build of Lo-Fi Room features three playable levels, each one beautifully drawn and featuring its own unique lo-fi beats. It also has a beat making mode where you can create your own songs, which is very easy to use and allows you to knock out some cool tunes in minutes.

Some of the timing for the button presses could be a little more forgiving (particularly in the third level), but on the whole Lo-Fi Room is a wonderful little musical experience. The charming little hand drawn room is an incredibly cozy place to chill out in and it fits really well with the groovy lo-fi hip-hop beats. If you want to rock out there’s always Guitar Hero but if you want to chill out, Lo-Fi Room is where it’s at.

Download or Play Lo-Fi Room Alpha Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)