Loading The Game – Alpha Build

Loading The Game is a very funny little fourth wall breaking puzzle game that takes place entirely within the loading screen of a game.

Playing a little like There Is No GameLoading The Game sees you attempting to solve puzzles and figure out ways to outsmart the narrator who’s trying to stop you. You’re about to play your new game, but it’s taking a looooong time to load and seems intent on chatting to you while you wait. Worse still, the loading screen won’t let you leave, how are you going to escape?

The current build of Loading The Game takes around 10 minute to play through and is a nice taster of things to come. It makes inventive use of the various buttons and everyday desktop interfaces, and the fourth wall breaking humor is great throughout. The most fun you’ll have on a loading screen since playing Galaga while waiting for Ridge Racer to load!

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Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Loading The Game Alpha Build Here (Browser)

1 thought on “Loading The Game – Alpha Build”

  1. I played the game, the idea is cool, even tought it was a copy from this is not a game, but there is some things you can fix, like the movement of the objects from the screen, somethimes the object just fall cause i move the mouse too fast , and it started getting anoying, another thing that you can fix, but is just optional, is the sound of the game, they dont look natural

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