Loathful – Beta Demo

Loathful is a creepy retro styled first person survival horror game where you have a little trouble while testing some new technology that promises to allow you to take a vacation without leaving your house!

In Loathful you are a Beta tester for a new piece of technology which uploads your consciousness to the cloud and allows you to get away from it all. It’s supposed to be a way to enjoy a blissful holiday without leaving your home, but it appears there may be some significant bugs that still need to be ironed out!

The demo build of Loathful takes around 15 minutes to play through and sees you trapped in a dark and dingy building that looks far from an idyllic holiday location. The world is corrupted and glitchy, and it seems that there’s someone (or something) else in there with you.

It’s a very promising game that looks set to deliver a more cerebral survival horror experience as you delve into the recesses of its strange cyberspace. It’s got tons of atmosphere and the glitchy cyberspace setting should allow for a nice variety of locations that are free from the constraints of real-world architecture.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Loathful Beta Demo Here (Steam)