Lockheart Indigo – Beta Download

Lockheart Indigo is a beautifully crafted retro styled murder mystery adventure that weaves a tale of deceit, betrayal and homicidal sex robots as a young private eye is brought in to investigate the death of a very rich businessman.

In Lockheart Indigo you take on the role of a young, but perceptive private eye who has been hired by the wife of a recently deceased businessman called Evan Volkov. It seems that Volkov was murdered by a robot that he was screwing, but the why and the who still needs to be worked out. The family really isn’t very trustworthy, so it could have been any of them, even the wife who hired you!

You have free rein to explore the Volkov mansion, searching for clues and interrogating witnesses and getting special keys to open new doors along the way. All the witnesses are hiding something and to get them to open you you interrogate them in what is almost a turn-based battle, with you trying to get a read of them and choosing your words carefully to get them to open up.

Taking around two hours to play through, Lockheart Indigo really impresses with its fun puzzles, excellent pixel artwork, well implemented chip-tune soundtrack and inventive interrogation mechanics. It’s the story and characters that really stand out though – the writing is superb and the tale it weaves is full of great twists. It feels a little like the Knives Out movie, but with less Danial Craig and more murderous robots. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lockheart Indigo Beta Here (Windows)