Loco Motion – Game Jam Build

Loco Motion

Loco Motion is a simple, but addictive physics based puzzler in which your aim is to design the optimal set of wheels for your vehicle that will allow it to make it across a very tricky obstacle course.

All you have to do in Loco Motion is design the wheels by tracing their outline with your mouse.pointer. After that you just sit back and watch how good or bad they are at traversing the terrain. You’d think the good old traditional circular design would do the job, but not even they will be able to make it up some of the steeper steps. It’s great fun trying out new designs though, trying outlandish configurations and watching in awe as they scale impossible slopes (or fail at the first bump). A simple and very addictive little puzzler in which you really do have to re-invent the wheel!

Play Loco Motion Here (Browser – Full Screen Recommended)