Locus Flux – Prototype Download

Locus Flux is a stylish and very challenging Space Harrier-esque on-rails twin-stick shooter that sees you blasting your way through a neon-filled cyberpunk city to stop a nefarious corporation from blotting out the sun.

In Locus Flux you take control of Johnny, a nonchalant hero who flies through the air like a futuristic version of The Rocketeer. You control your movement with the left analogue stick and aim your weapons with the right analogue stick and must dodge and blast your way to the end of each short, but very challenging level.

Locus Flux is still very early in development so does have some niggles – such as the difficulty balancing and the imprecise aiming (which could probably be sorted by bringing the character closer to the screen), Even in its current form it’s a fun game though, with a great sense of speed and a cyberpunk setting that oozes style. It’s rough around the edges, but it’s well worth blasting off for this badass cyberpunk rocketeer shooter!

Note: Xbox 360/Xbox One ControlPad Required

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Locus Flux Prototype Here (Windows)

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