LOCUST, USA – Prototype Download

LOCUST, USA is a Breakout/Pinball inspired horror game where four kids attempt to uncover the dark secrets hidden in the small American town of Locust.

Drawing inspiration from Stranger Things, TRON and World of Horror, LOCUST, USA features a fantastic fusion of Breakout style block breaking and Pinball. As you smash your way through a series of single screen levels you’ll follow the story of four curious kids as they try to get to the bottom of a series of dark mysteries and unusual occurrences that plague their little town.

The core gameplay in LOCUST, USA is most reminiscent of Breakout, but rather than bashing colored blocks, you need to try and aim for specific switches, collectibles or weak spots. So for instance, to gain access to the castle you’ll need to hit a button to open the security gate, collect the keys scattered around the level then bash the main door in. Each level has different objectives and there are even boss fights to deal with too.

You can also nudge the table (like a pinball machine) to make the ball change trajectory a little and there are random events (that you can turn off), which can give you good and bad power-ups (such as multiball or reducing the size of your bat). Between each level you’ll learn a little more of the story and fight your way through a quick random battle.

The current build of LOCUST, USA features six full levels (as well as a handful of random battles) and although it’s just a prototype, it’s already a very polished experience with fantastic pixel artwork, addictive gameplay and an excellent soundtrack. The horror elements, the story, the gameplay twists and the amount of detail in each level make it feel much more substantial than a traditional Breakout style game and it’s a pleasure to spend some time in the weird little town of Locust. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The LOCUST, USA Prototype Here (Windows)