LOCUST USA (Reboot) – Beta Demo

LOCUST USA (Reboot) is a Break-Out/Pinball inspired retro styled narrative-driven arcade game where you knock around a ball and solve supernatural mysteries.

We previously featured a prototype of LOCUST USA on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, but since then developer hwilson has decided to reboot the game from the ground up, keeping the core mechanics, but removing random events and adding large multi-room levels. As with the previous version, it plays a little like Break-Out, with you controlling a paddle (or multiple paddles) and using them to knock your character around levels and complete objectives.

The current demo sees you travelling to a spooky Stranger Things-esque town and solving two supernatural mysteries. Each mystery is a self-contained adventure and features a single-screen intro level, a large multi-screen main level and a boss fight. There’s lots to discover on each level and you can also collect the various LOCUST letters that litter them.

The original version of LOCUST USA was excellent, but the Reboot does seem better in almost every way. The levels are cleverly designed (especially the multi-room ones), the pixel artwork is great, the retro chip-tune soundtrack is superb. Also the way the game is split up into short mystery adventures is a great touch. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The LOCUST USA (Reboot) Beta Demo Here (Windows)