Lofi Ping Pong – Alpha Demo

Lofi Ping Pong is a stylish rhythm action ping pong game where you hit the ball in time with lofi music tracks in laid back pixel art ping pong courts.

In Lofi Ping Pong you face off against opponents and attempt to beat them by rallying the ball for the length of the song that’s playing. There are 7 different songs to choose from, all of which are 40 to 50 seconds long, all sorted by their bpm (a higher bpm means faster gameplay). You hit the ball by pressing a direction (Left, Forward or Right) in time with the beat of the song and when the ball passes through the hit-boxes displayed next to your character.

Even though you only have to hit the ball for the 30-50 seconds the song lasts for it’s pretty tricky – particularly if you play using any of the advanced game modes (double ball and wind). It’s very addictive though and you can feel yourself slipping into the zone as you play.

More features are planned to be added, including a story mode and the ability to use your own tracks, but even in its current form Lofi Ping Pong is a fantastic little game. Its high quality pixel art animation and lofi tunes imbue it with a wonderfully laid back atmosphere which makes it a very pleasant place to hang out and whack ping pong balls. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Lofi Ping Pong Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. Hey, nice game but I’ve noticed, you can press every button at the same time and catch the ball anyway

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